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The following loops have been suggested to combine great scenery, quiet roads, access to services and a starting location that provides good parking, washrooms and water. Remember to carry identification, a cell phone, emergency cash and repair and emergency supplies. Wear highly visible clothing, a helmet and make sure it fits correctly. Your bike is a machine and works best and safest when it is well-maintained. Grey County is also part of the Ontario By Bike with several cycling friendly establishments to welcome you on your cycling trip!  Prepare for your trip and happy cycling!

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*NEW ROUTES for 2014!

*Meaford Loop (PDF map)
Distance: 20.5km
Experience rating: Easy, leisure - recreational ride
Start/Finish: Municipal parking lot in harbour area, on St. Vincent St. near Bridge St.
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Never far from the water and spectacular bay views this pleasant ride showcases the vast expanse and beauty of Georgian Bay. Starting from the busy harbourfront area and town centre of Meaford, follow quiet lakeshore roads, passing parks and beaches with waterfront homes and cottages near the shoreline.
Meaford Legend
Meaford Loop

*Thornbury Heathcote Loop (PDF map)
Distance: 20km (or 32km longer more challenging route)
Experience rating: Moderate to experienced, recreational ride
Start/Finish: Thornbury Town Centre, Municipal parking lot in town centre, located at Arthur & Bruce Street.
Short Loop Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Long Loop Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Challenge yourself with modest hill climbs and descents (or walk-ups/downs) and transport back into another time or enjoy a smaller loop through welcoming communities filled with tasty food stops, galleries and opportunities to further explore the Beaver River.
Thornbury Loop

*Owen Sound East & Town Centre Loop (PDF map)
Distance: 26km (or 21.5km without west waterfront ride)
Experience rating: Easy, leisure - recreational ride
Start/Finish: Municipal parking lot behind town centre and close to Bikeface store. 
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Starting from one of several park and ride locations, either in the town centre or closer to the trailhead, follow the east bay shoreline out from Owen Sound. Enjoy waterviews across the inlet, once an important commercial shipping port for the region, now a hub for recreational boaters. Take a break from the quiet waterside ride to explore the 2 km beach or wetlands located in the spectacular Hibou Conservation Area, along the southern shoreline of Georgian Bay.

*Neustadt Country Road Loop (PDF map)
Distance: 27km
Experience rating: Easy to moderate cycling routeS
Start/Finish: Neustadt Lions Community Park, located just north of town, west side of Grey Road 10.
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
This pleasant ride through southwest Grey starts and finishes in the small village of Neustadt and traverses some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Enjoy a stop at the Sulphur Springs Conservation Area for a picnic under the trees, and a short trail loop to witness the most unique ponds that fill up the equivalent to 27 bathtubs of groundwater in one minute! Riding onward view local farmland and picturesque churchyards.

*Eugenia Lake Circuit (PDF map)
Distance: 20km
Experience rating: Easy, leisure - recreational ride
Start/Finish: Eugenia Falls Conservation Area.
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Nestled atop of Beaver Valley and the Niagara Escarpment, enjoy a quiet and scenic circuit around cottage country and Eugenia Lake. An ideal start and finish point is Eugenia Falls Conservation Area. Take a short stroll through the forest to view the 30 metre tall falls. For the more adventurous, enjoy a longer hike along the Bruce Trail.

*Blue Mountain Loop (PDF map)
Distance: 28km
Experience rating: Easy to moderate, recreational ride
Start/Finish: Blue Mountain Village
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS
Take your bicycle and enjoy a relaxing and scenic ride to the top of Blue Mountain and the Niagara Escarpment on the seasonal gondola. Once up top enjoy the spectacular views across Georgian Bay. The remainder of the route is reminiscent of a roller coaster, cruising downhill to fertile agricultural lands, passing mature apple and fruit orchards along the way.

Route name: Centurion 50 - please note this route changes each year due to road conditions and closures. Please refer to the Centurion website for details.
Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced
Distance: 50 km, Paved
Start: Village at Blue Mountain

Route name: Girl Guide
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 40 km, Paved
Start: Kelso Beach Park
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

Girl Guide Legend
Girl Guide Route
This loop climbs up the Escarpment through the west side of Owen Sound (19th St. W, Sommers, 24th St. W, West St., Valult Works Road) After all the climbing take a break and look behind to see all the way across the bay to the east of Owen Sound with church steeples and a few towers peaking through the treetops. Continue west on Girl Guide Road, with relatively low volume of traffic making for a leisurely country ride. (Sdrd 10,Highway 6, Ledgerock Road). Watch for wildlife on these lightly traveled roads. Ride south on Jackson Road, cross Hwy. 21 and proceed south on Grey Rd 3. This road offers more rolling hills with greater rises and descents. You may encounter horse drawn buggies as you are now entering the fringe of Mennonite community. Go left on Grey Rd 5 and head to the village of Kilsyth, which has a neat general store for a snack and refreshment, where you turn left again onto Conc. 7. The road turns right and after a few climbs and descents, cross Grey Rd 18, proceed through Waverly Heights, a community of small farms and residences. Soon you will come to a long steep downhill past Greenwood Cemetery and go down Harrison Park hill. Be aware of the park entrance at the bottom of the hill where cars can pop out onto the road without warning. Now head north through downtown and back to Kelso.

Route name: Balaclava
Distance: 50 km
Surface: Paved/Gravel
Start: Kelso Beach Park
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

Balaclava Legend
Balaclava Route
This tour displays the contrast between the west and east shores of Owen Sound, since many of the roads are not paved and because of the Land Force Training Centre you cannot travel around the full peninsula. Nonetheless, there are stunning views of the bay to the west especially with sunsets dropping below the horizon.

From Kelso Beach Park, loop through downtown and then head north on the paved bike-path past Bayshore Community Centre. Follow the Tom Thomson Trail to East Bayshore Road, and head north towards Leith. Along the way, stop at Hibou Conservation Area for a walk on the sandy beach or a dip in the bay. At Leith check out the shallow creek that spills into the bay or have a bite to eat at the Baysriver Café. Now take Bayshore Road north out of Leith. After climbing the hill up the S curve, stop and enjoy the spectacular views of Georgian Bay. On a clear day you can see the three islands of Griffith, White Cloud and Hay in the distance. The road soon dwindles into a gravel single lane where, if you are lucky, wildlife can be spotted. Turn right on Kiliminjaro Road and head to Lakeshore Road. Go left and head to the settlement of Balaclava. Once a thriving community with a hotel, stores and a post office, today there are only a few homes and farms remaining. At Balaclava you will go right again and follow the gravel road which eventually climbs a long grade. Part way up this big hill is Coffin Ridge Winery. In season, you can stop in for a wine tasting and sample some local culinary treats. At the top of the hill you come to Silcote Corners (another ghost town from the past) when you turn right. The views of the valley below with a patchwork quilt of farm fields, vineyards and the bay cannot be missed.

Follow the route back to Annan where you will return to pavement and a thrilling ride down the road to Leith. At Leith turn left onto the Leith Church Road. The church is just around the first curve. It is time to stop in the churchyard and find the grave of Canadian artistic icon, Tom Thomson. Now go to the Tom Thomson Trail and follow it back to Owen Sound.

Route name: Island View Drive
85 km - Advanced
Surface:Paved (some paved shoulder)
Start: Kelso Beach Park
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

IslandViewDrive Legend
IslandViewDrive Route
The Name says it all… Though one of the longer rides, the spectacular, views of the bay and islands are worth every kilometer. Starting at Kelso Beach Park this tour climbs the escarpment in stages via Grey Rd 17. At Ben Allen stop for a drink then turn around to see what you have just climbed. Owen Sound Bay stretches below you, north to south, with the City of Owen Sound on the right. Now continue north to Lake Charles. You can see glimpses of the small lake through the maples and ash trees on the left. At Oxenden turn left onto Grey Rd 1, also called Island View Drive. Just before the road plunges down a fairly large hill is a gravel track road that leads to Bruce’s Caves. If your bike can handle the kilometer or so of the track road you can follow the hiking trails to the caves that are cut into the base of the Niagara Escarpment.

Further down Grey Rd 1 is Colpoy’s Scenic Lookout. From here you can see the deep blue expanse of Colpoy’s Bay and the three islands of Griffith, White Cloud and Hay. Next you will come to the village of Big Bay. The general store is famous for its ice cream and other treats. The short lane on the left takes you to the government dock and the cool stony shores of Colpoy’s Bay. Time to take your shoes off and cool down or a quick swim if time permits.

Back on Grey Rd 1 you will follow the shoreline as it curves around to the south. The bay that you see through the trees is now called Owen Sound Bay. When the main road turns and heads up a long hill, look for Presquile Road on your left. This quiet little road drops along the shore for a pleasant ride along the waterfront then climbs a very steep grade to a plateau. At the plateau you climb a long grade back up the escarpment. On your left is the Cobble Beach Golf Links, with great food served up in the Sweetwater Restaurant and Bar. At the top of the hill is Grey Rd 1. Turn left and ride the paved shoulders back to Kelso Beach.

Route name: Tom Thomson
Distance: 43 km - Moderate
Surface: Paved/Gravel/Stonedust
Start: Fred Raper Park, Meaford
TomThomson Legend
TomThomson Route
The Tom Thomson Trail is a non-motorized, multi-use (biking, hiking and horseback riding) trail between Owen Sound and Meaford. The trail is a quiet family-oriented trail that presently follows on-road and off-road sections that have been marked with signs and kilometer markers. Some of the off-road sections (especially those south of Highway 26) can be rugged and wet in the spring. On the other hand, it is a great trail to ride and see parts of the countryside not available by car. The Tom Thomson Trail starts at the trailhead kiosk in Fred Raper Park in Meaford so it can be used as a continuation of the Georgian Trail just over the bridge.

At the outskirts of Meaford the trail follows Grey Rd 12 for a short distance then takes on quieter country roads and road allowances. After crossing Highway 26 the trail skirts the Land Force Training Centre (Meaford Tank Range) then heads west to Annan and Leith. At Leith the trail follows Tom Thomson Lane south past the Leith Chuch. Stop here and look for Thomson’s grave and learn a bit about this canadina icon. The continue on past the painter’s boyhood home at Rosehill Farm. Then the trail goes back off-road on a recently resurfaced track that is gated to allow only cyclists, hikers and horseback riders. The trail ends at the kiosk located north of the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound, but the city bike-path can be accessed just on the other side of the boat launch. The bike-path follows the harbour wall around the bay and connects to the Owen Sound Rail Trail and the Georgian Bluffs Rail Trail. To learn more about Tom Thomson, pay a visit to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, downtown Owen Sound.

Route name: Nooner
40 km - Moderate
Surface: Paved
Start: Beaver Valley Community Centre, Thornbury
Interactive Map  - Ride with GPS

Nooner Legend
Nooner Route
This route takes it name from some serious cyclist folks who challenge each other to complete this on their lunch break. Feel free to take a bit longer, and know there are a couple of steeper climbs to challenge your riding buddies on. Head out Napier Street to Bruce Street (Grey Rd 13) towards Clarksburg. Take a right on Hillcrest, then Clark Street which becomes Sdrd 30. Stop and turn around at the top of the first major hill for a view over Thornbury to Georgian Peaks and across the bay to Christian Island. Continue on and hang a left at 7th line, ready for another good hill before reaching the crest and cruising to Rocklyn. The general store here is a good place for a rest and a snack before heading east back to Grey Rd 7, north to Grey Road 40, for a big descent with big views towards Georgian Peaks and the bay, to Grey Rd 13 back to Thornbury. If you’re a serious nooner you’ll be back at your desk by 1 pm.

Route name: Centurion 100 - please note this route changes each year due to road conditions and closures. Please refer to the Centurion website for details.
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 100 km - Paved
Start: Village at Blue Mountain

Route name: Mill to Mill
Distance: 50 km – Easy / Moderate
Surface: Paved
Start: Community Centre
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

Mill to Mill Legend
Mill to Mill Route
This out and back loop traverses lots of new, silky smooth pavement. Follow Grey Rd 24 east with two right hand jogs at Conc. 2 and West Back Line. Carefully cross Hwy 10 in Holland Centre and continue on Grey Rd 30, passing Mud and Robson Lakes. At the stop, turn left and head north on Conc. 10, crossing Grey Road 40. For an amazing scenic view of the Bighead River Valley, head north (left) on Conc. 2 (gravel), as you make the sharp right hand turn towards Walters Falls, or straight on to Walters Falls. You can either retrace your steps, or head on down the hill, and then right on Grey Rd 29 back to Walters Falls. The Walters Falls Milling Company still uses waterpower to turn their turbines, and the friendly folks here make it an interesting stop for the mechanically-interested. The Falls Inn has a patio overlooking Walter Falls, and is a perfect spot for a refreshing beverage and a breather before heading back. Complete the loop east out of town and south towards Grey Road 40. Once back in Williamsford, there are the Great Books Café at the Williamsford Mill and of course across the street, the legendary Williamsford Pie Company. Your choice.

Route name: Saugeen Tri 50K
Distnac: 50 km - Easy
Surface: Paved
Start: P&H Centre, Hanover
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS 

Saugeen Tri 50 Legend
Saugeen Tri 50 Route
This training loop is a fairly flat tour through classic rolling farmland punctuated by the scenic mill town of Chesley. Head east across busy Hanover, and then north at Canadian Tire, crossing over the Saugeen River, and straight on to Conc. 6. Turn left (east) and proceed to the stop sign at Grey Rd 3. Turn left, heading north on Grey Rd 3, which is dead straight and can be busy, but traverses classic mixed pasture land and forest. Turn right after the second “S” bend to continue on Grey Road 3, one concession north to Grey Rd 25. Heading west here brings a nice descent, then a little climb before level country. In Scone, the Harley Blues Café (when open) is a nice rest stop, and there is a small park on the left, just past the bridge to get down to river level. Another option is Chesley, which has some great restaurants, and Klage’s mill makes another scenic stop. Heading south from Chesley is a straight run along Sideroad 30, a quiet road with rolling countryside interspersed with marl lakes closer to Hanover. When you reach the airport, you’re almost home, head south to Grey Rd 4 and back to Hanover.

Route name: Farm Loop
Length: 35 km - Easy
Surface: Paved
Start: Neustadt Community Centre
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

Farm Loop Legend
Farm Loop Route
This pretty loop features open farmland and scenic views over the Saugeen River watershed. Head south from Neustadt on Grey Rd 10, climbing gradually to Conc. 12, and turning right, continue climbing through the beautiful rolling hills to the height of land at Deemerton. Now it is downhill towards Mildmay, a bustling town with lots of good eateries, including Bruce County’s best butter tarts at Harley’s Pub & Perk. Head north on Hwy 9, passing the Artisian Well, turn right at Conc. 14, and get ready for the ascent ahead. Carlsrhue sits on a high point, and take a break here to enjoy the view towards the Saugeen River valley to the north. Enjoy the well earned downhill back to Grey Rd 10. A short trip is to head into the Saugeen Conservation property which features cool shady walks, sulphur springs, and a variety of waterfowl. Head south on Grey Rd 10 and back to Neustadt, where you owe yourself a well-deserved cold one at Neustadt Springs Brewery.

Route name: Saugeen River Ramble
Distance: 96 km - Paved
Start: Durham Library
Interactive Map - Ride with GPS

Saugeen River Ramble Legend
Saugeen River Ramble Route
This lovely and quiet route features a nice mix of rolling hills and very pretty countryside through former mill towns along the Saugeen and its tributaries.. The Durham mill, built in 1909, is a short peddle across a boardwalk over the Saugeen River just south of the library, with the Durham Art Gallery across the street. Head east on Durham Rd. East, to Conc. 2, then left (north) to Edges Sdrd, left again (west), crossing Hwy 6 and continue on conc. 18 to Aberdeen, a former mill site on the Rocky Saugeen. Turn right (north) and work up to Conc. 6 for a straight run east, crossing Grey Rd 3, all the way to 5th Sdrd, where you turn left (south) and head towards Hanover. Continue straight through, past the Drive In to Conc 18, where you turn right, passing Saugeen Conservation to Grey Rd 10, and head south to Neustadt. This is about half way, time for a break, as you will be steadily climbing on the next leg. Heading south of Neustadt, make a left on Conc. 12 and make for Ayton, another pretty community with a historic grist mill on the Saugeen River. Take Grey Rd 9 east to Holstein, with a slight dogleg north crossing Hwy 9, and north and west to Sdrd 49, where you’ll turn north for 3 conc to take a left at Rd 26, and its downhill from here on! Soon you will pass Wilder Lake, and the clubhouse at Homestead Resort is a welcome break on your way back to Durham.

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