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Georgian Bay



Often called "the sixth Great Lake" Georgian Bay touches the Grey County shore from Colpoy's Bay to the Town of The Blue Mountains. Its sailing routes brought early settlement to the harbour communities such as Owen Sound, Thornbury, and Meaford. Several shoreline features were landmarks for Native travelers and European explorers alike - Cape Rich, the Blue Hills, Skinner's Bluff. At the mouth of Colpoy's Bay lie Griffith and White Cloud islands, each with its legends and lore.

Today, sailors, windsurfers, divers, and fishing fans come to Grey County for the pleasures of its Georgian Bay coast. Marina operators and outfitters serve visitors' needs with that small-town courtesy. Georgian Bay is the backdrop for many summer time activities and events, Owen Sound's dragon boat races, regional fish derbys to jazz festivals in Thornbury. For more information on events visit Festivals & Events

Griffith Island

With its imperial tower lighthouse rising 25.8 metres [85 feet] above the waters of Georgian Bay, Griffiths Island has been a striking landmark for mariners since 1859. Even before that, it was one of three islands marking the entrance to Colpoy's Bay.

Points of Interest: Griffith Island Lighthouse on the northeast shore; privately owned, and off limits to boaters, except in emergency.

White Cloud Island

White Cloud is larger than nearby Griffith Island, and has a well-protected harbour in Kidd Bay. Although the old federal wharf is in rundown condition, and the only other dock is private, anchorage in the bay is popular with local sailors. Land on the island is privately owned, mostly wooded.


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