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Waterfall Tour

Where the water and rocks meet, feel the rush as the river flows over the escarpment's edge. Grey County, Ontario offers an abundance of waterfalls. So appealing that they merit their own tour, these special places are often just a short drive or hike from busy roads. Whether in Owen Sound or rural areas, all have scenic settings. Visit all of Grey County's waterfalls on the 150 km self guided driving tour. Stay a night and experience small town hospitality at its best.

Click here for a printable copy of the Waterfall Tour Brochure                                           

Eugenia Falls
                                                 Eugenia Falls Photo by Carlo Obillos

Eugenia Falls
If you've never stood at the top of a waterfall, for a droplet-eye view down the gorge, Eugenia Falls will take your breath away. Plunging into Cuckoo Valley, the Beaver River drops 30 metres over the Niagara Escarpment. One of the highest in Eastern Canada, this waterfall was the site of an early hydroelectric power station. Now, a dam upstream of the falls directs most of the flow through huge pipes, but even the trickle that remains creates a musical background to the dramatic view from Eugenia Falls Conservation Area, just off Grey County Road 13, at Eugenia .

Driving Directions:Follow County Road 40 east to County Road 7 south, through Fairmount and Epping, into the Beaver Valley. Catch County Road 13 south to Eugenia. The entrance to Eugenia Falls is diagonally across from Eugenia Falls Emporium.

Hoggs Falls
Considered one of Grey County's best-kept secrets, Hoggs Falls are tucked away a mere two-minute walk from the Lower Valley Road near Flesherton. Named for William Hogg, the waters of the Boyne River tumble seven metres in this woodland setting.

Driving Directions:Take Highway 4 west to the East Back Line north. Turn east on Lower Valley Road. Watch carefully; the only entrance markings are two yellow posts on the north side of the road. Look for the sign displaying the parking lot area.

Indian Falls
Almost inside a city, Indian Falls are in Sarawak Township, at the northwestern edge of Owen Sound. A one-kilometre walk through Indian Falls Conservation Area leads through ferns, trees and wildflowers. The horseshoe-shaped falls drop to a quiet pool before Indian Creek flows on to empty into Owen Sound Bay.

Driving Directions:Follow the scenic Georgian Bay Route from 2nd Avenue West to Grey Road 1. Look for Conservation Area sign directing you west to parking area.

Inglis Falls
Like many falls in one, the Sydenham River cascades over limestone shelves of an 18-metre cliff that is part of the Niagara Escarpment in the southeastern part of Owen Sound. Viewed from any angle, Inglis Falls gives a panorama of rock, water and ruralscapes that are truly spectacular in any season. Remnants of a nineteenth-century gristmill are reminders of the power in this falling water, as used by Peter Inglis. Within the Inglis Falls Conservation Area are picnic facilities, washrooms, all reached from Highways 6 & 10. Paid parking on location:  Car/Van/Pickup/Motorcycle $3.00 per day.  Season parking pass $30.00 per year.  (seasonal pass provides access to both Hibou and Inglis Falls Conservation Areas.  Second vehicle pass is available for $25.00 per year.)  Buses $1.00 per person/visit.
Driving Directions:From Springmount, follow County Road 18 south, continue on County Road 18 east, past Grey Roots. From Grey Road 18 turn left onto Inglis Falls Road, signage will direct you to the entrance of the Inglis Falls Conservation Area.

Inglis Falls
                                                   Inglis Falls Photo by Carlo Obillos

Jones Falls
Seen from the Bruce Trail, or glimpsed from Highway 21 heading west from Owen Sound, Jones Falls cascade 12 metres over the Niagara Escarpment. A one-kilometre walking trail leads through the Pottawatomi Conservation Area to the falls. This is another spot that offers year-round splendour for photographers
Driving Directions:Located on the west side of the city of Owen Sound. Follow 10th Street West to Springmount. Turn north on Highway 6. Entrance is on the immediate right. Parking available .

McGowan Falls
Within the Durham Conservation Area McGowan Falls takes the name of an early miller who used the waterpower of the Saugeen River at this site. Popular with anglers, the falls here are more gradual than some, yet scenic in their setting of cedars. McGowan Falls are portrayed in one of several murals that adorn buildings in downtown Durham.

Driving Directions:Durham is located at the junction of County Road 4 and Highway 6. The Conservation Area is located at the north end of Durham on top of the hill.

McGowan Falls
                                                                               McGowan Falls

Walter's Falls
Although this waterfall is on private property, there is a viewing platform where Walter's Creek plunges 14 metres in the heart of the village. Named for the pioneer John Walter and his family, the picturesque settlement grew around its waterpower, which continues to provide energy for a gristmill. The location is now home to the spectacular accommodation The Falls Inn,

Driving Directions:Follow County Road 18 east to County Road 29 south, through the hamlet of Bognor where it heads east to Walter's Falls. The falls are found at the end of Front Street. Although this waterfall is on private property, there is a viewing platform where Walter's Creek plunges 14 metres in the heart of the village.

Weaver's Creek Falls
Located within Owen Sound's 40-hectare Harrison Park, Weavers Creek Falls is the opportunity to see a miniature plunge falls flanked by two cascading falls - two waterfalls in one!  The 300-metre boardwalk at the far southwest corner of the park allows you to enjoy a wilderness setting with the city limits. The falls itself is located on private property, but you can safely view the falls from park property.  Please be respectful when you visit.

Driving Directions: Take 2nd Ave. East through Owen Sound and turn into Harrison Park just south of the downtown core.  Follow the driveway to parking area beside the Harrison Park Inn.  Follow the marked trails to the back of the park and look for the boardwalk to the right of the Public Pool.  Follow marked trail to the falls.

And don't miss Sauble Falls just up the road in Bruce County!
With a 10-metre drop, Sauble Falls on the Lake Huron shoreline of Bruce County is not a tall waterfall, but what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in width. This crescent shaped cascading waterfall is about three times as wide as it is tall.
Driving Directions: Follow Bruce Road 13 north from Sauble Beach.  Turn west onto Sauble Falls Road and follow Provincial Park signs to the parking area.  There is a $5 adnission fee during the summer months.

 *Please note that some of the waterfalls may not be accessible during the winter due to heavy snowfall amounts. However if you have snowshoes and enjoy winter hiking, you can still view most Grey County waterfalls during the winter months. Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions about visiting the waterfalls during the winter. 877-733-4739*  Also see Winter Waterfalls.

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