Enjoy the Warmth of the Holiday Season in Owen Sound

A guide to getting out and enjoying Owen Sound this holiday season with a focus on warmth. There are so many great local shops, eateries, and experiences to be had in Owen Sound.

Jesse Wilkinson
Jesse Wilkinson

Guest Writer: Jesse Wilkinson from Rrampt

There are many words I could use to characterize myself, but writing and traveling are definitely two interests that describe me pretty well. When I’m not doing either of those two things, I’m hiking, biking, skiing, paddle boarding and surfing around Grey Bruce Simcoe. I call Owen Sound home and love writing about all the cool things going on in this area. I take the odd photo, as well. It's a lot of fun highlighting the uniqueness of this region, and I plan to continue doing it for years to come.

Well, it’s that time of year when the Christmas tree outside City Hall is aglow and the Festival of Northern Lights becomes everyone’s favourite outdoor stroll. But it’s also the time of year that Jack Frost brings some chilly weather and forces everyone to find ways to stay warm. So here’s a guide to getting out and enjoying Owen Sound this holiday season with a focus on warmth. There are so many great local shops, eateries, and experiences to be had in Owen Sound, and here are a few to check out this December.

Hot Drinks

Nothing says warmth like a nice hot beverage in your mitts, and Owen Sound has got you covered. You’ll find a great cup of joe and friendly staff at Frog Ponds Café. Or if a cappuccino is your style, settle into the warm décor of Birgit’s while you contemplate your holiday shopping. The Palette Café offers some nice views of the wintry streets while you sip on a latte and Bleeding Carrot makes an excellent cup of java using the local Ironworks Coffee blend – very tasty. Like a little spice in your drink? Casero will warm your belly and your taste buds with their Mayan Hot Chocolate.

Casero hot chocolate
Casero's Mayan Hot Chocolate


Owen Sound is a great place to get all your winter gear – we’re talking sweaters, jackets, toques, and scarves! Stop into Shoppers Clothing Store for what’s hip this season, and if you’re feeling like browsing some high-end consignment, visit Laurie Boycott at Wildflowers Consignment. They say we lose most of our heat through our noggins, so trap that warmth in with a beautiful Alpaca Wool toque from Lawson’s. You can even put it on right away as you wander down to Bare Birch and Heartwood Home for some décor items that will make your living room your favourite place to spend time this winter. They say that vinyl has a ‘warm sound’ so why not find out for yourself by picking up your favourite album at Sour Cat Records?

The Curry House
The Curry House


Is there a better way to warm up than with a little spice in your belly? There are a few great local restaurants that serve up some fiery foods on a daily basis. Sabitri's offers a selection of tasty (and spicy) curries for both dining in and taking out. You can even dictate your level of spice by choosing a number between 1-10. I’m happy with a 5, but it doesn’t take much of a kick to get my brow perspiring. The Curry House has a menu rich with kormas, tikka masalas and vindaloos that are available for both take out or delivery. My favourite is their butter chicken with a samosa on the side!

Local Experience

Not only does Owen Sound have great holiday shopping and dining, but it’s rich with cool experiences this winter. The Kokoro Salt Caves will make you forget what the weather is like outside as you nestle into one of their Halotheraphy Sessions or Flotation Cabins. When evening falls, ascend the steps to Owen Sound’s favourite concert hall, Heartwood Hall, for a live music experience with protocols in place to safely get your live music fix. You may need to buy a ticket in advance as shows often sell out at their capacity of fifty people.

So that concludes our whirlwind guide to staying warm this holiday season in Owen Sound, but hey - if you’re missing the crisp winter air, go out for a stroll through Harrison Park or along the Festival of Northern Lights. If you’re bundled up enough with a hot cocoa in your mitts, I’m sure you’ll be downright warm and cozy outdoors as well.

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