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  • Summer at Binder Twine Lane is awesome. A walk along the woods gives you a view that's heart warming. Summer grasses beckon.
  • Experience Binder Twine Lane in the winter. Yes, it's a snow day.
  • Summer is a time for calves and cows to enjoy the sweet grasses and find the perfect shade for an afternoon rest. Heaven!
  • Syrup pails stand at the ready for the spring maple sap run.
  • A summer walk by the maple woods is about as perfect as life gets.

EXPERIENCE life on a family farm in Grey County.  Meet our 'fold' of Highland cows and walk the trails in our 'sugar bush'. We're open in every season. Starting in the early spring you will be welcomed by the warm, sweet aroma of maple syrup boiling in our sugar shack.  It's quaint - and yes, that's a euphymism for small, but our evaporator hums along during the season and our product speaks volumes about the care and love we have for the process.  This is a gathering place for friends and neighbours - a community place and you're welcome to join us.  Experience the sights and sounds of a working farm.  Take a deep breath and relax.  The air is clean, the views spectacular and the sounds are so natural.  When was the last time you really heard 'the quiet'?  We've planned some great days for 2020 and you're invited - oh, and if you wait until dark the skies will blow you away.  All you have to do is look up.  AND if you need to take the chill off, well, we'll light the campfire - it doesn't get much better.  Oh, wait, that is unless you are lucky enough to get a big, sloppy kiss from a cow.  Now, that's an experience. 

Fall may be the most amazing time of year in the forest. The colours are indescribable but believe me - they are beautiful and the stuff of memories. Bring your camera or your phone (but only for the camera) because you will want to capture the magical beauty that is on display at Binder Twine Lane.  This is the season where Mother Nature wraps you in the most exquisite tapestries and caresses you with soft, cool winds.  It's a time of long walks, hot drinks, crackling fires and rosy cheeks.  The birds gather in tree tops readying for migration and fat squirrels continue to search for and hide provisions for winter.  Is that a deer?  Probably.  But wait until the wild turkeys arrive on the scene.  They are priceless. 

Rows of hay and straw will be stacked for winter and the Highlands remain on the pasture.  They are a hardy breed and best suited for the freedom of roaming.  You'll find them under the tall elms or people watching along the lane.  They are so adorable.  

We're planning a PUMPKIN PATCH and all the goodness and fun that comes with large, orange gourds.  And if you fancy a 'haunted' ride in the woods then BOOK your ghostly experience early.  it's fine the horses know their way through the forest but so do the fairies and elves.  Not a believer - well, we'll see.  

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DeJong Acres

Call ahead for an appointment or stop by if you are in the neighbourhood. Our store is attached to our home on our family farm and there is usually someone around to great you. 

Baby Lamb at Dejong Acres

Enjoy a farm tour that includes barnyard animal fun and shopping for local products, honey, maple syrup and local meat.  Dejong Acres is apart of the Kemble Mountain Maple Syrup Festival.

Located along the Bruce Trail and just off Big Bay Sideroad, park your car off the road at the end of Graham's Hill Road and walk for 15 minutes while you follow the white Bruce Trail blazes in an easterly direction to this spectular view over Geo

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