Grey County Road 2, Feversham, ON, N4K 5N6, CA
Washrooms, Trail Access
  • Photo taken from Grey County Road #2

The Gorge begins on private property at an old mill dam in the Village of Feversham and extends downstream along the Beaver River.

The Madeleine Graydon Memorial/Feversham Gorge Conservation Area consists of 12 hectares (29 acres) this is an area of geological and biological interest.  Gain access to the all-season trail  from the parking lot, that leads you through mixed tree cover, past cold water springs, and vertical limestone walls towering metres over the river. Ferns, mosses and liverworts thrive in the permanent shade of the limestone cliffs and tree cover.

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Osprey Rec. Centre

The Osprey Recreation Centre is located in the village of Feversham, just 20 minutes south west of Collingwood, near all the Collingwood and Beaver Valley ski resorts.  The Centre is comprised of a single ice pad and a banquet hall.

60 kilomeres in length, Kolapore is one of the only back country wilderness cross country ski trails in Southern Ontario in winter (the trails are not suitable for snowshoeing) and is used extensively for hiking and mountain biking in other season

The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Ski Trails consist of about 50 kilometers of marked trails which are primarily designed for the intermediate to advanced cross-country skiers, although the County Forest section of the trail network is suitable for

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