Here at Good Family Farms our objective is a Regenerative Agriculture. Or, in simpler terms;  to leave the land in better condition than we found it. Our farm is located just south of Meaford Ontario on the 7th line. Our beef cattle are raised on grass, hay and silage. They are rotated to a different pasture daily during times of the year when there is little to no snow on the ground. Chickens are free to forage on pastures and our pigs are raised in pastures and forested areas on our farm. Grazing from the animals, alongside our crop farming, helps keep the ground covered, which enables the soil to retain its carbon levels. The higher levels of carbon in the soil provides a healthier environment for us to grow crops and further, it keeps the carbon from being released into the atmosphere, which in turn, helps to lower levels of greenhouse gasses. The animals support the natural flow of the farm giving us the freedom to diversify our crop rotation. We are able to grow crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, peas, oats and barley in conjunction with perennial pastures and tree crops for the animals: every piece helping the other.  We pride ourselves on growing Certified Organic food that is nutritious ( and delicious!) with the animal, earth and end consumer in mind. We have a small retail store on our farm where we sell our ethically raised, organic meat, eggs,vegetables, and other organic goods such as honey, garlic and kombucha that we source from local producers. We also curate a Farm to Table dinning experience. We have teamed up with chef duo Sumac+ Salt to create a wildly unique seven course tasting menu focused on hyper local, seasonal, foraged and organic food.  Dine on the 7th Line with us and Sumac + Salt, check out our farm store,  and let us provide you with purposeful food to put on your plate. 

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