0.5 kilometres of trails traverse a hard-maple bush, and are part of a groomed snowmobile trail, maintained by a local snowmobile club. Permitted forest trail activities include snowmobiling, and hunting.

For a general overview of County Forests and applicable policies please visit: www.grey.ca/forests-trails


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The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Ski Trails consist of about 50 kilometers of marked trails which are primarily designed for the intermediate to advanced cross-country skiers, although the County Forest section of the trail network is suitable for

This is a forest that is a beautiful large property with an extensive hardwood forest, with small sections of plantations.  Many songbirds have been noted here, making this forest a great site for birding.

60 kilomeres in length, Kolapore is one of the only back country wilderness cross country ski trails in Southern Ontario in winter (the trails are not suitable for snowshoeing) and is used extensively for hiking and mountain biking in other season

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