The Keep Refillery Meaford, a sister company to The Keep Refillery Creemore (formerly The Creemore Refillery)

For the last three years, founder Jacquie Rushlow has been in the process of not only changing her lifestyle to have less plastic in it, but she's also been preaching the good word to the beautiful community she calls home- Creemore, Ontario.  Jacquie along with some like minded friends came together and formed a group called CLEAN (Clearview Eco Action Network) and took their issues with plastic pollution to the township. Today, the township is standing behind a "Voluntary ban on single use plastic" with the intention of a full ban in  July 2021!  

Like many, it became more and more difficult for Jacquie to refill her personal products and she resorted to ordering online or driving hours away to fill up......ya, ok, I know, carbon footprint right? Well, that's where the Creemore Refillery was born.   She woke up on Jan 19, 2020 with the thought to open a refillery, less than two months later, in March  (little did she know a few days before a global pandemic hit) the little refillery that could welcomed in loads of people, all jammed into  a 200 sq ft shed that she and her husband converted into a super cute refillery.  Just 4 months later she moved to a space 3 times the size! The Creemore Refillery doesn't know a life without COVID but we sure look forward to meeting it!

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