The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Trails

60 kilomeres in length, Kolapore is one of the only back country wilderness cross country ski trails in Southern Ontario in winter (the trails are not suitable for snowshoeing) and is used extensively for hiking and mountain biking in other seasons. Accessed from County Road 2 between Ravenna and Feversham, the trails are ungroomed and maintained by volunteers. The North portion is receommended for intermediate to advanced skiers/hikers and bikers. The south portion of the trails runs through a Grey County forest and is more suitable for beginners. A map of the trail systems is strongly recommended and can be purchased from the website or at the Ravenna General Store. There is no fee for the use of the trails however users are strongly encouraged to become trail association members, donate online, or contribute to the work of Kolapore Trail Fairies at the donation station in the main parking lot. Check the website and facebook page for trail condition, updates and activities such as moonlight skis and bike/hike and barbacue events and other group activities.

To purchase a hard copy map of this area visit

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