Inspired by the untouched and raw beauty of fossils, gemstones, crystals and natural materials, Opal Wing Jewellery came into being in 2004.  Opal Wing Jewellery has grown into an award winning Spirited Jewellery business. With a background in Cultural Anthropology, Naomi focused much of her research on concepts of adornment and spirituality. It was in the Canadian Arctic where she began training as a jewellery maker. Studying with Inuit Carvers and Silversmiths in the far north, to Goldsmiths and Shamans in the south, allowed Naomi to share a colourful and unique perspective to the modern Jewellery world. Dedicated to following her heart, Naomi and her family recently moved to the Georgian Bay region in Ontario in search of a peaceful, simpler life, in sync with nature. Today Opal Wing Jewellery pieces are handcrafted in the Woodland Studio; a rustic studio in the woods where she can wander the forest for buds, branches and never ending inspiration.


Visits to The Woodland studio are by appointment only and for seasonal open houses and exclusive events.

To make your appointment to visit The Woodland Studio, please contact us here.

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