Saucy Pasta began with a love of Italian cooking. Founder, Rick Gillman, was always passionate about making pasta sauce and Italian food. Many friends and family encouraged Rick to bottle and sell his fresh milled, homemade sauce. In 2014, Rick opened the Saucy Pasta and Gourmet Foods in Collingwood. The business was off to a great start but Rick was forced to close due to personal illness. Rick, a lifelong entrepreneur, regained his health and opened another successful business with his wife, Tracy.

Rick and Tracy sold their business to a corporation and, due to Co-vid 19, lost their jobs when the corporation closed the business they founded. Recognizing the rapidly changing restaurant landscape and seeing an opportunity to create a new model, Saucy Pasta 2.0--Saucy Artisan Pasta--was born. Re-launching as a delivery service in the Collingwood to Meaford corridor, Saucy, once again, established itself as the go-to pasta take-out in the Georgian Bay area. With great social media reviews, Saucy took a calculated risk--taking on a bricks and mortar location on Main street, Thornbury, to allow a safe pick-up location, in April 2020.

After selling out almost daily, Tracy and Rick decided to scale up to meet both the demand of their regular clientele and the many requests from local restaurants and stores who were interested in carrying their quality pasta. As a result, Saucy Artisan Pasta's new flagship store and Pasta Factory will be opening in Cranberry Mews Winter 2021.

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