Thornbury 'Nooner' Cycling Route

Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 40 km Surface: Paved Start: Beaver Valley Community Centre, Thornbury. This route takes it name from some serious cyclist folks who challenge each other to complete this on their lunch break. Feel free to take a bit longer, and know there are a couple of steeper climbs to challenge your riding buddies on. Head out Napier Street to Bruce Street (Grey Rd 13) towards Clarksburg. Take a right on Hillcrest, then Clark Street which becomes Sdrd 30. Stop and turn around at the top of the first major hill for a view over Thornbury to Georgian Peaks and across the bay to Christian Island. Continue on and hang a left at 7th line, ready for another good hill before reaching the crest and cruising to Rocklyn. The general store here is a good place for a rest and a snack before heading east back to Grey Rd 7, north to Grey Road 40, for a big descent with big views towards Georgian Peaks and the bay, to Grey Rd 13 back to Thornbury. If you’re a serious nooner you’ll be back at your desk by 1 pm.

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