Village at Blue:Grand Georgian, Seasons, Weider Lodge

Whether it's a romantic retreat or a family getaway, guests of Blue Mountain have plenty of choice within the Suites of the Blue Mountain Village. Surrounded by three distinct buildings, the village plaza provides four seasons of activity and entertainment for all. Whether you are looking for village centric, mountain- side or a more quiet location for your getaway, all village suites provide you with all of the services and amenities required for a perfect getaway. The Grand Georgian is fashioned after a historic railway hotel. A generous lobby and an intimate hearth room that opens up to the terrace area greet guests to the Grand Georgian. Weider Lodge, named after the founder of the Resort, is reflective of a true ski lodge with a fireplace and rustic furnishings gracing its entrance and common area. Seasons at Blue reflects country cottage style decor and an expansive hearth room provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Number of Rooms 11+
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