The Webwood Falls Nature Reserve is located  north of the Town of Kimberley in the municipality of Grey Highlands. The property was donated by Mr. James Horwood, a longtime supporter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. It now stands in permanent protection as part of the Bruce Trail Conservation Corridor. Two small streams converge on the property and pass over a significant drop in the Escarpment, creating a spectacular waterfall. The stream continues through a deep, forested river valley that cuts through the southern portion of the property. A diversity of habitats, including regenerating fields, mature Sugar Maple forest and meadow marsh support 261 documented species, including 219 plant species and 42 faunal species; in addition several Species at Risk and provincially and/or federally Endangered species are found on Webwood Falls Nature Reserve. To learn more about the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s conservation efforts, please visit *NO WINTER ACCESS*    

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