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Colouring Grey County Through Wildlife and Nature Art

Jeremy Walpole
Local Artist
Owen Sound Locator Map
Published Date: July 23, 2018

As an avid outdoor explorer, photographer and artist, Grey County offers an endless supply of natural inspiration.

As an avid outdoor explorer, photographer and artist, Grey County offers an endless supply of natural inspiration through stunning visual scenery and breathtaking locations. With camera in hand, I routinely explore the County seeking wildlife, nature and landscapes, to use in the drawings and paintings I create. Whether travelling by trail, scenic backroads, winding streams or the beautiful lakes of Grey County, I always seem to be in a state of awe. From waterfalls to stunning sunsets, the amazing natural beauty is equally matched by the diverse species of wildlife that either live in or travel through the area. There always seems to be a bird I haven’t seen before, a new flower to admire or a geographical formation to learn about. The beauty of Grey County truly colours the way of my artistic journey.

Below are just some of my pieces of art that have been created from my adventures in Grey County. Enjoy.

Jeremy Walpole's Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing, Digital Painting.

One summer evening while wandering the shoreline near Hibou Conservation Area, a cedar waxwing landed in the tree near me. The evening glow brought out the amazing colours of this stunning bird.

Jeremy Walpole's Owen Sound Harbour Fishing

Owen Sound Harbour Fishing, Digital Painting.

During fishing derbies, the Owen Sound Harbour is a hub of activity from anglers to fishing birds. The active harbour was the inspiration to paint the birds fishing alongside the people.

Jeremy Walpole's Eagle Falls and Blue Jay

Eagle Falls, Digital Painting.​ (Left)

For two consecutive years, I have seen bald eagles in Grey County. This inspired me to combine the majestic beauty of the eagle with the pure natural beauty of Inglis Falls in my painting.

Forest Blue Jay, Digital Painting.​ (Right)

During a spring afternoon hike on one of the many trails in Grey County, a blue jay taunted me from a young poplar tree. 

Jeremy Walpole's Sunset on the Bay

Sunset on the Bay, Digital Painting.

Whether it be on the large water bodies or the rolling fields, the sunsets in Grey County are breathtaking. I used a photo I took as a reference to build the colour palette for the sky and water in this painting of a warm summer evening sunset I enjoyed on Owen Sound Bay.

Jeremy Walpole's Park Ducks

Park Ducks, Ink Drawing on Paper.

It seems like no matter which waterside park you stop at in Grey County, you will see some type of duck. This ink drawing was inspired by these two mallard ducks that watched me as I observed the fish jump up the fish ladder at the Mill Dam.

Jeremy Walpole's Chipmunk Watch

Chipmunk Watch, Digital Painting.​ 

One evening while enjoying an ice cream cone in Harrison Park, this curious little guy seemingly watched my every bite.

Jeremy Walpole's Red-tailed Hawk & The Eagle Stare

The Young Red-tailed Hawk, Digital Painting. (Left)

On a gravel side road, which I regularly travel on, I crossed this young red-tailed hawk. Since it didn’t immediately take off when I stopped and exited my car, I was able to get some photos which I based this painting from. Weekend drives in Grey County usually pay off with amazing sites.

The Eagle Stare, Digital Painting. (Right)

I’m extremely excited that we have bald eagles in Grey County. They aren’t common but if you're lucky you may just spot one. A male and female that regularly perch on the east Owen Sound shoreline inspired this painting of mine.

Jeremy Walpole's The Snowy

The Snowy, Digital Painting.

In the winter months, if you have a keen eye, you may just see a snowy owl in the farmers’ fields. These beautiful creatures are simply amazing to spot on a nice sunny winter's drive.

All digital paintings are hand painted using an Apple iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate App paint program.


Jeremy Walpole - Local Artist

Jeremy Walpole headshot

Jeremy Walpole was born in Hamilton, Ontario but moved to Owen Sound when he was very young and is proud to call Grey County his home. Living in a house on the shoreline for his childhood the waters of Owen Sound were his backyard and his neighbourhood was the Hibou Conservation Area. Jeremy spent countless hours soaking up all that his surroundings offered–swimming, snorkelling, boating, fishing, hiking, and exploring the outdoors as much as possible.

As an adult, he pursued a career in Information Technology, but he would still spend his free time exploring the world around him. He used his constant desire to learn to teach himself photography, so he could capture the sites he saw as he visited every waterfall, river, stream and trail. This collection of photos would eventually become an amazing resource to be used as reference material for his drawings and paintings.

To see more of Jeremy’s artwork follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

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