Going Back to Our Roots

Courtney Miller
Hobby farmer and Grey County's Business Enterprise Centre Manager
Owen Sound Locator Map

We never stopped dreaming of the day when we could call the area home again.

Growing up, my husband John and I spent our childhoods surrounded by water, nature, and agriculture - all the things that make Grey County so incredible. It wasn’t until we moved away to attend post-secondary that we began to realize in what a unique place we had been raised. Over the next ten years, we lived in the Guelph area and visited Grey County as often as possible. We never stopped dreaming of the day when we could call the area home again.

Creamery Hills Farm

Last year we were given the opportunity to move to my family's farm outside of Owen Sound. Leaving our home and life in Guelph was a scary and exciting leap to take, but our love of Grey County and our desire to spend more time with family made the decision of moving an easy one. So we packed up our home, our two rescue dogs, Izzy and Sassy, and we made the move back.

Courtney and John at their new home on the Farm

Since moving home we’ve been very focused on getting the farm up and running. We have enjoyed every moment of the last year; the support from our family and the community has been amazing. At Creamery Hill Farms, we produce pasture-raised chickens and eggs. We recently added a small herd of Galloway cattle to the farm with the plan of producing pasture-raised beef in the future. We take great care in the way our animals live, and we are proud to be playing a very small part in Grey County’s vibrant food scene.   

Farm Eggs, chicken and cow

Through my job at Grey County’s Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) I get to work with passionate, local entrepreneurs every day. One of the things I find most rewarding about my job at the BEC is speaking to students about their employment opportunities in Grey County.  Whether starting their own business or working for a local employer, it’s important that our youth are aware of the opportunities available to them; and for them to know that if they want to build their lives in Grey County, they can and they absolutely should. 

Cat playing in the water

It would be hard to choose our favourite thing about Grey County but high on the list has to be the amount of time we get to spend outdoors. Our front door is steps from the Bruce Trail and we are minutes from Georgian Bay. There are endless outdoor activities to partake in, any time of the year. We are pleased to call Grey County our home. 

Courtney and John wrapping up their day

All photos are credited to Spring Morris.

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