Grey County - Anything but Grey

Wil McReynolds
Landscape photographer and director of global software company, KP9 Interactive
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Any season or any day - you will be mesmerized with where I call home, Grey County.

I grew up on the Bruce Peninsula, but when I moved to Grey County, I fell in love with it. From the rolling landscapes to hidden waterfalls, what's not to love? 

As a landscape photographer, I try to capture the moments as I see them so I can share the wonder. My personal wonders are the sky and shoreline. Nothing ends a day quite like a Georgian Bay sunset with dramatic clouds - but it doesn't end there. After the sun sets, the stars come out and if you are lucky, you can see the Northern Lights.

We can't forget about the wildlife. Deer, foxes, loons, swans, herons, beavers, ducks... I could go on and on but you really should experience and see for yourself. Any season or any day - you will be mesmerized with where I call home, Grey County.

Aerial Sunset

Aerial Sunset at Hibou Conservation Area.

I see this eagle around my house all the time and I'm telling you, I am jealous of the view that birds get. This is how I would enjoy sunsets - gliding over the sunkissed trees of days last light.


Bonfire over Ainslie Wood Conservation Area.

There are always sunsets that hit you in the senses. You know the ones - they are just memorable. This bonfire in the sky was one of those moments over Georgian Bay.


Deer in Meaford.

If you live in Grey County - you know this view. Peaceful innocence.

Late Winter

Late Winter in the Leith area.

A sunset at any time of year on Georgian Bay is a sight to take in. This late winter/early spring sunset showcases unique colour characteristics that you don't get to see in the summer.

Northern Super Pillar

Northern Super Pillar at Leith Beach.

When you have seen as many night skies as I have, you would think I can't be surprised - that is not the case and that is what makes our area so special. I caught this super pillar in Leith, just outside of Owen Sound. It was a towering auroric vortex of green and magenta, slowly spiraling above my head. How could I live anywhere else?

Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain outside of Owen Sound.

I have said many times - you never know what you are going to see in Grey County. My suggestion to all is to just keep a camera handy, or just enjoy the moment(s).


Shipping at the Owen Sound Boat Launch.

The harbour in Owen Sound is amazing in the winter as the floating ice performs a frozen graceful ballet. Grab some hot chocolate and go sit by the water's edge and listen to the sound of the ice breaking apart, grinding - music for the soul.

Misty Horse

Misty Horse in Eugenia.

Grey County has a lot of farms and I always enjoy going on backroads to just look at the pastures. One day there was this mist, and I came across this cool moment. Always a treat.


Windmill between Owen Sound and Annan.

Taking a drive through Grey County at sunset or any time of day for that matter will yield an abundance of visual treats. This windmill between Owen Sound and Annan is one of those treats...simple and elegant with a reminder of our farming community.

Daylight Savings Tree

Daylight Savings Tree in the Annan area.

From the softest of Pastels at sunset to the boldest of the bold during the day - Fall is my favourite time of year. I found this solitary tree to showcase the beauty of fall and how these towering giants are beacons guiding summer out until the next year.

Wil McReynolds lives in historic Leith and is inspired by the works of Tom Thomson. With a passion for nature, he captures moments to share with people at home and across the world. This has allowed him to make many friends in both professional and amateur photographers as he is always ready to teach, as well as learn. Wil has a wonderful wife and four kids that know the value of living and working in an area as rich in visuals as Grey County has to offer.

Speaking of work, Wil owns a global software company and when asked why he stays here - this is his response: "Have you seen my photos?"

With an understanding that as his community grows and he can be part of that growth, he is ensuring that his kids have a great area to Live, Play, and Work when they get older - to stay in Grey County.

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