A Local Instagrammer's Top 5 Grey County Views

Matt Green
Local photographer & Instagrammer
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I brushed off a dusty DSLR camera I purchased years prior and went on my first photo mission. I haven’t looked back since...

I’ve always been an outdoorsy kind of guy and love going on adventures. But it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I really started to appreciate what was around me and in my own backyard. I brushed off a dusty DSLR camera I purchased years prior and went on my first photo mission. I haven’t looked back since. Here are some of my favourite areas around home: 

Skinners Bluff


500ft to get this view

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A short hike into the woods and you find yourself coming out onto a cliff with a beautiful view of the bay and colourful trees. 

Inglis Falls


Was a beautiful night

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If you’re from the area, you know these falls well. It is a beautiful area to relax and enjoy with the family during the day; but just as gorgeous and magical at night. 

Indian Falls

A place I used to live close to. I found myself hiking the woods to the falls regularly to catch a sunset and later enjoy the stars over the falls. There’s something about moonlight hitting the falling water that makes you realize how fortunate you really are. 

Jones Falls


Some beautiful lighting

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This is the Pottawatomi river. The hike in past the river and trees is just as rewarding as the falls themselves. 

Photography has given me a different perspective and appreciation of not only my small little town but the world around us. Our area is great for local events and social opportunities, but I also love the peacefulness and how I can spend a day alone with nature. Whether I want to go hang out by a waterfall for the day, listen to the waves by the beautiful waterfront, or dangle my feet off a cliff, it’s easy to do it all in Grey County.  

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