Christy Carson
Freelance photographer
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Living in Grey County allows me to have the perfect work and play mix. Without travelling far, I am able to photograph people in amazing and unique locations. I not only have great local clients but get to meet many new people as Grey County has become an attractive destination for weddings and family portraits. I meet other nature-loving adventurers who enjoy the area so much they want photos of themselves here, doing what they love. It may seem strange as a photographer, but my goal is a quiet little life with lots of freedom and family time. I don’t book every weekend, and with the rare exception, I don’t work in big cities. It may be a financial sacrifice, but I get to hike, swim and snowmobile all of the time. I love exploring with my family and even though we do it often, we still have so much to see. The adventure continues as we build our forever forest home in Grey.

Please enjoy a few of my favourite images taken at some amazing Grey County locations. 

Grey County is filled with dramatic water features.

This fall engagement session was held at Indian Falls. The horseshoe-shaped waterfall is located on the outskirts of Owen Sound.

A waterfall engagement session

Our conservation areas in Grey make ideal photo locations. Almost all of our conservation areas have some form of water feature. The first two images are taken at Indian Falls Conservation Area and the third is at Inglis Falls Conservation Area

Grey County is full of small-town charm.

The community of Cobble Beach is a four-season resort on Georgian Bay with an 18-hole golf course, a restaurant and an Inn which makes it a great place for photos. I am lucky to have this beautiful wedding venue just minutes from my home.

couple wedding photos at golf course

This is actually one of my favourite places because no one would guess that it is the parking lot at the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound.

wedding photo in the parking lot at the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound

This beautiful local bride & groom celebrated their big day near Leith, a small community on Georgian Bay. 

wedding photo in Leith with barn

Morland Place is a classic wedding choice south of Owen Sound. These gardens are open to the public and offer majestic stone buildings and loads of different garden areas.

newlywed couple walking in the garden

This fun engagement session was taken overlooking the community of Bognor. There are many backroads in Grey County that make fun backdrops, especially in the fall.

The vivid fall colours are an all-time favourite.  

The fall colours and fallen leaves make a gorgeous backdrop for family portraits. This session took place at Inglis Falls Conservation Area

family in the park during the fall

Harrison Park in Owen Sound is a great option for family portraits. This 40 hector park is located in the city, so families don’t have to travel far for a beautiful fall shot.

family posing along the pathway in the park

Discovering New Places

I enjoy discovering new places in Grey County when someone requests a unique portrait location that they have a special connection to. These newlyweds had a waterfront wedding at a Georgian Bay family cottage, photos at a nearby farm and a backyard tent reception outside of Owen Sound.

couple wedding photos at a farm

This treehouse outside of Durham is one of the more unique spots I’ve been to for wedding photos. It’s available to rent for the weekend if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience. There is even a slide down from the treehouse.  

wedding photos in a treehouse

This awesome family comes ‘home to the farm’ near Balmy Beach for annual family portraits with their grandparents. 

family photos with the grandparents

Now for the Play...Putting the Free in Freelance

Like I said earlier, living in Grey County allows me to have the perfect work & play mix. I am able to concentrate on my photography but I can also enjoy all the exploring, hiking, swimming and snowmobiling I want. I would like to share with you some of the fun I get to enjoy here.

This is our new property in Stoney Keppel where we are building our forever home. 

I was excited to experience the first sunset at our new property.


First sunset at the future forest home.

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Who doesn’t like a game or two of forest hide and seek?


Forest hide-and-seek. #sundayfunday

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This was a fun trip with some friends to Walter’s Falls. Here we stopped at the Falls Inn for a warm-up break.  


Rewind one week to winter. #ofsc #snowmobile #waltersfalls #theinn

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Capturing shots for my local snowmobile club means I get to go sledding all day. 


Beauty day for a ride in Stoney Keppel. #ofsc #district9 #snowmobile #trailsareopen

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My daughter and I took advantage of the fresh powder. 


I swear she can see back there. #snowmobileseason #kidsthatrock #skidoo #stoneykeppelriders #ofsc

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About Christy 

Headshot Christy Carson
Photo Credit: Kate Gass

Christy Carson grew up in Tobermory which is where she fell in love with the Bruce Trail, snowmobiling and Georgian Bay. After studying photography at Fanshawe College, she quickly moved closer to home and out of the city to settle in Grey County. Other than a few part time jobs in the early years, she has been a freelance photographer since 1999. She is currently building a new home with her husband near Lake Charles and prepping to hike all the nearby trails with her two kids. Her photography work varies to include weddings, all kinds of portraits, freelance media and commercial photography. 

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