Visit Grey markets Grey County as a tourism destination.

Driving Tourism Growth and Prosperity in Grey County

Responsible Travel: Our Industry Can Make A Difference

Bigger crowds of tourists are making their way to Grey County's parks, trails, waterfalls and other natural attractions. We can all do our part in encouraging visitors to respect our communities, our environment, our businesses, and the fellow travellers and locals they meet along the way.

Rediscover Responsibly

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There's no denying that tourism matters in Grey County. Visitor spending brings cash to our communities, creating jobs, enhancing the local economy and improving the quality of life for residents. Many amenities and local businesses that we take for granted everyday exist in part due to tourism: restaurants, cafés, hiking trails, parks, shopping, festivals, events, spas, museums, golf courses, transportation options and aquatic centers. At the same time, travel and tourism heighten cultural awareness, help create a sense of place for our communities and can provide shared experiences to connect friends and families across generations. After all, a community cannot be a great place to visit if it's not first a great place to live.

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