Submit Your Event Guidelines

Grey County boasts an impressive lineup of hosting a wide variety of events from grassroots to major international events and everything in between. Have an upcoming tourism event, concert or experience you want to spread the word about? Be sure to add your event to our calendar on Just log into your account and fill out the form on our website with all the details, a couple of photos and that's it! Need help? Contact us at

Event Submission Guidelines
Please read before submitting an event

The website's main purpose is to attract more first-time visitors to Grey County and to help visitors plan their vacations while here. In order for submissions to be approved & go live on our website, tourism events must meet the following Event Criteria:

  • The event’s purpose must be to attract and inspire visitors from outside the area to come to Grey County. The event must be tourism-related and attract visitors from outside the immediate area (e.g. further than 40 km radius);
  • They must take place within Grey County;
  • They must be open to all members of the public and welcoming to visitors;
  • They must have a fixed date or time length. They cannot run all year or all season (ie: permanent attraction, business, or seasonal market) although we will include temporary exhibitions and installations;
  • They must not be a club or membership type event; and
  • Both free and ticketed events are eligible.

In order to keep within the mandate of a tourism website, the following event types will not be approved:

  • Community targeted activities e.g. trivia nights, open mics, community fundraiser, yard sales, bake sales, coffee & tea socials and recreational classes. 
  • Certain types of courses e.g. workshops, classes, demonstrations and presentations that are not considered welcoming to visitors.
  • Courses, workshops or seminars that require far in advance registration or require multiple weeks/days to complete.

There are websites within each community that will accept this type of information. If the event does not meet the criteria, it will not be published/approved. If you’re unsure about whether the event will meet the criteria, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the event details before submitting.

Each event listing should include the following information:

  • Event Description: Provide an accurate and compelling description of your event to best showcase it to potential visitors. Please keep it short and simple, your website will be the main call to action so people can link to the site to make their plans to attend.
  • Photo: When potential visitors are making decisions on what to do while in Grey County, imagery plays a key role. Please use an image that best showcases the experiences a visitor could have at your event. Ideal image size is 500 w x 375 h px (5.208 w x 3..906 h inches).
  • Website links and Contact information: Ensure the website provided links directly to information about your event so people can find out more. If you do not have a website for your event, you can use a Facebook page as long as it provides information about the event.

A "Signature Events" label will be given to approved events that have:

  • Demonstrated or have potential marketability outside the region
  • Broad-based tourism appeal sufficient to act as a primary trip motivator and encourage overnight stays
  • Capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors with supporting amenities and services

Adding an event:

  1. Go to and click on the 'Add Event' button in the top left corner.
  2. Log in with your user account and password. Need to set up an account? Click the ‘Create New Account’ button to the right of the log in and follow the steps.
  3. Fill in all fields to complete your listing. Your event will be reviewed (approx 24-48 hrs) before it will potentially be approved and published by an editor.