Rediscover Meaford Responsibly – Our Industry Can Make A Difference


This summer, help us ask visitors to Rediscover Grey Responsibly. The Staff at the Municipality of Meaford are offering these insider tips when you are recommending to visitors Rediscovering Meaford.


Contact their Visitor Centre

Located in the Big Red Apple beside Meaford Hall
12 Nelson St. E, Meaford
(519) 538-1060 EXT 1201 or 1-877-538-0463
Monday – Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm + Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

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Your tourism business has the power to influence travel through your newsletters, blogs, social media posts and daily interactions with visitors to Grey County. Help us ask visitors to Rediscover Grey Responsibly by using this page of insider tips curated by Municipality of Meaford Staff. It's an easy way you can recommend safe experiences this summer that are also hidden gems and unique travel options beyond the mainstream for your customers.  

Top Physically Distanced Activities

Recommending adventures where customers can maintain proper 6 feet physical distance from those surrounding them is easy. Municipality of Meaford Staff have curated this list of recommended activities. Remind customers to call ahead for reservations at local tours and restaurants whenever possible.  


Virtual Canada Day Celebration  

Meaford's annual Canada Day celebrations are going virtual this year! Find out more here.


Country Tours

Explore the hidden corners of Meaford by checking out the Barn Quilt Tour or Rural Gardens Tour. Barn quilts tell the story of our rural communities through these works of art, adding colour to scenic country views. If you’ve got a green thumb, the Rural Gardens tour will connect you with enthusiastic gardeners looking to share their piece of paradise with you.



With dozens of great spots for lake and river fishing, Meaford is a picture-perfect place for fishing.

Downtown Meaford Shopping

Downtown Meaford

Support local by enjoying some retail therapy in Downtown Meaford. Find locally made goods and products that you truly can’t get anywhere else.  

Farmers' Market in Market Square

Drop by Meaford’s Market Square every Friday from NOON -  4:00 p.m. in the parking lot of Meaford Hall. Have a seat in their physically distanced seating area or enjoy a take away lunch from one of the vendors or fabulous restaurants along Sykes Street.

Meaford Market Square
Meaford Chair Leith Beach

The Big Red Chair Tour

A great way to tour Meaford by visiting the ten oversized Muskoka chairs, each with its own local history story to tell and a great photo opportunity. More information.

Meaford Hall

Enjoy a variety of live theatre, music concerts, films, dance and entertainment productions at the state-of-the-art Meaford Hall (pending Covid restrictions).

Meaford Hall
Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios

Experience the great cuisine offerings from Meaford’s restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

Reconnect with Nature in Meaford’s Parks


A round-up of some amazing park recommendations from The Staff at the Municipality of Meaford that will keep your customers happy and reconnecting with nature as they Rediscover Responsibly! Remember to direct customers to Grey County’s Outdoor Activity Map, to check on parking and the most current information on what’s open, busy or closed before they go.


David Johnston Park 125 Fuller Street

Located east of the Meaford Harbour the park features beach volleyball, picnic tables, and accessible parking.

Fred Raper Park

Fred Raper Park 207 Bayfield Street

Named after one of Meaford’s founding settlers, Fred Raper Park is a hub of waterfront activity minutes from Meaford’s Downtown Heritage District. Watch the waterfront from a bench, gazebo, or one of the many picnic tables. Dip your toes into the water along the smooth pebble beach, or drop your line in to fish along the shore.

Beautiful Joe Park 16 Edwin Street

An 8.5 acre park located on the banks of the picturesque Big Head River in Meaford. The Park is named after "Beautiful Joe" a treasured dog featured in Margaret Marshall Saunders best-selling novel of the same name. Beautiful Joe is laid to rest in the Park and memorialized by both a statue and Ontario Heritage plaque. Beautiful Joe Park offers walking trails, picnic shelter and beautiful views of the river.

Beautiful Joe Park

Top Sunrise & Sunset Spots


Bayview Escarpment

With views of Georgian Bay, this provincial nature reserve features crevice caves and other geological features typical of the Escarpment. Best suited for viewing and appreciating nature, this park is part of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve.


Bayview Scenic Lookout

This handy stop right on Highway 26 gives you the first glimpse of Georgian Bay as you head toward downtown Meaford.

Bognor Marsh Management Area

Bognor Marsh Management Area

Visit the observation tower to enjoy the view the unique flora and fauna of Bognor Marsh. With over 11km of trails, dotted with boardwalks and interpretive plaques, it’s a great place to appreciate the natural world.

Coffin Ridge Winery

Experience superb views from Coffin Ridge Winery’s patio and grounds. While being surrounded by vineyard, we hope you will be delighted by the endless views of blue water from Georgian Bay shining in the distance. It is a great place to enjoy a drink and the scenic countryside.

Coffin Ridge Winery
Irish Mountain Lookout

Irish Mountain Lookout

Irish Mountain Lookout offers a bird’s eye view of the picturesque Nottawasaga Bay, with rolling countryside below filled with apple orchards, and the Niagara Escarpment rising behind.

Memorial Park

Enjoy looking out over Georgian Bay from Memorial Park’s beachfront, with the iconic “3 Sisters” rock formation marking your place.

Memorial Park

Meaford Harbour

The Meaford Harbour breakwall and lighthouse create the picture perfect moment on the shores of Georgian Bay.


Fred Raper Park

There are few better places to watch the sunset than the shores of Fred Raper Park. If you’re lucky you may also catch a glimpse of the sailing club as they maneuver the waves out in the Bay.


Scotch Mountain Country Gardens

The mirror of Irish Mountain, Scotch Mountain Gardens provides 360O views of the rolling countryside, orchards, and Georgian Bay.

Scenic Trail Experiences


A round-up of some incredible hiking trail recommendations from The Staff at the Municipality of Meaford that will keep your customers happy while they Rediscover Responsibly! Remember to direct customers to Grey County’s Outdoor Activity Map, to check on parking and the most current information on what’s open, busy or closed before they go.


Trout Hollow Trail

Trout Hollow Trail traverses both sides of the Bighead River, following the present trail up to the old dam and then breaking new ground to the 7th Line. The entire trail is about 15 km in length, 7.5 km on each side of the river.


Tom Thomson Trail

The Tom Thomson Trail is a three-season, hiking, cycling and horseback riding route between Meaford and Owen Sound. From Fred Raper Park at Meaford’s waterfront, the trail follows paved roads, woodland trails and gravel roads across the Niagara Escarpment and rolling farmland overlooking Georgian Bay.


Bruce Trail

The famous Bruce Trail runs right across the Bighead River Valley, through the Bognor Marsh, and follows the Niagara Escarpment. It offers outdoor adventurers that include great hiking, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. Guidebooks are recommended. Visit for more information.


Georgian Trail

A 32 km hiking, biking and cross country skiing trail built on a former railway line that links Meaford with Collingwood. In Meaford, the Georgian Trail begins at the beautiful Meaford Harbour where there is plenty of parking. Just steps away from the Harbour is downtown Meaford with a great selection of restaurants, cafes and stores to enjoy.