Beggars Road

7:30pm  $27

Beggars Road deliver its own brand of Celtic and folk inspired music that has a strong reverence for the lands and waters of the Georgian Bay region. This first became evident with the release of the popular local favourite “Georgian Bay Bound”, a song recorded by a former incarnation of the group (The Shards). Since that time the band, comprised of songwriter Bob Robins, Justine and Dave Farrar, Larry Dickinson, and Kim Lake has continued to create music with and has expanded its repertoire of folk/traditional songs.  From traditional to the edge and back, this is a group that hopes to help rekindle an interest in local history and traditions. This is a road on which you will see many landscapes. Come take the ride. Beggars Road. Presented by Bognor Jam Productions, Promotions and Consulting

Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Event Location Address: 
12 Nelson St. E
Meaford, ON N4L1N6
Box Office
519.538.0463 or 1.877.538.0463
Event Driving Directions: 

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