Mapstone Patience and Persistence Tour

Mapstone is on their Canadian 'Patience and Persistence' Tour and are stopping in Durham.

Steeped in conscious lyrics, thoughtful grooves and an energy that is simply captivating.

Blending and bending Reggae, Folk and world music into a unique fusion that has been quoted as “Tribal Heart Roots music”

¨“We are Song carriers with a message of strength, hope, unity, community and universal love. It is our mission to uplift, inspire and activate our global tribe. Elevating hearts and minds one beat and one melody at a time. Collectively moving and grooving our way towards a more abundant, vibrant and healthy future and existence with each other and our planet.

Combining Voice, Didgeridoo, bass, percussion, guitar and Hammond organ, Mapstone infuse the dancefloor with an uplifting and enticing sound. The lyrics and music are powerful and take the listeners and dancers on a deep journey; some say transformative; some say awakening.

Their music is from the heart, for the heart and of the heart.

Mapstone have been travelling the world for the last 3 years and sharing the stage with the likes of Nahko and MFTP, Dustin Thomas, OKA, The Beautiful Girls, and Murray Kyle. They have graced the stage at Australian Festivals such as Island Vibe and Island Elements; Falls Festival; and Woodford Folk Festival; as well as international festivals; Diversity; Bhakti Summer Yoga; and Cranfest on Salt Spring Island, BC.

"Mapstone’s conscious Heart root’s music is infectious to the soul, uplifting and leaves you calling for more. Full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit, this is a band with a mission with enough heart to see it through. Do yourself a favour and experience this musical medicine."

Friday, August 16, 2019 - 8:30pm to 11:00pm
Event Location Address: 
133 Garafraxa Street, South
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
Kevin Bossi
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