Goldenly baked sausage rolls with a small metal ramekin of dijon mustard

Puff Pastry + Pork Butchery Workshop

A hands-on baking and butchery workshop in the heart of Grey County at Red Hen Artisanale. Read below for more of the workshop information, or click the website link for detailed ticket and workshop info. 

This workshop is a collaboration between Lauren Hambleton and Jamie Waldron. Lauren is a Pastry Chef by training and Jamie is a Butcher. Together, they have combined their talents to bring you a workshop that is a combination of demonstration and hands-on work, where you will learn the tips and tricks for making successful puff pastry, as well as how to break down a pork shoulder and use it to create beautiful, tasty sausage rolls.

Lauren will walk you through how to make rich, flaky puff pastry in your own home kitchen with nothing but your hands and a rolling pin. Each participant will make their own batch of dough. Jamie will discuss all things pork – from how the animal is raised, the particular farm where he acquired the pork we’ll be using, and he’ll demonstrate how to break down a cut of meat and process it into an edible snack! We’ll use puff pastry that has already been prepared to assemble and bake fresh sausage rolls that can be enjoyed with a beverage and other seasonal accompaniments.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will go home with a block of puff pastry, and enough seasoned sausage meat to prepare 6 sausage rolls in your own home kitchen – either later in the week, or freeze it for later in the month.



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