Shred Kelly, a 5-piece alternative folk band from BC

Summerfolk Presents Virtual Concert with Shred Kelly

The Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival is partnering with BC-based band Shred Kelly to present a pay-what-you-can virtual concert on Saturday February 27th at 7pm.  The show will stream live on Facebook and tickets are available through the Summerfolk or Shred Kelly website.

Shred Kelly is a five piece, alternative folk rock band that emerged from the heart of the Canadian Rockies in 2009. The band played Summerfolk in 2015 and turned heads with their high-energy performances. They recently released their fifth album ‘Like A Rising Sun’.

The virtual concert on February 27th is part of a month long virtual tour. Shred Kelly have partnered with festivals across the country to offer virtual performances. All of the shows will air on Shred Kelly's Facebook page and the Facebook pages of two featured festivals. The February 27th concert is co-presented by Summerfolk and the Newfoundland Folk Festival.

Audiences can tune in for free but are encouraged to purchase a ticket to support Shred Kelly, the production team, and each festival during a challenging time for the music industry. In addition, 25% of proceeds will be donated to Protect Our Winters Canada, a non-profit helping outdoor recreation enthusiasts advocate for climate protection. Visit and or find @summerfolk on social media for all of the concert information.



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776 2nd Ave E
Owen Sound ON N4K 2H1

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