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TOM Exhibition: Erin Loree: The Swirl: Loree's Mark on the Gallery's Collection

Erin Loree: The Swirl: Loree’s Mark on the Gallery’s CollectionOn View: January 10 - March 28, 2020Curated by Heather McLeeseThe Swirl presents contemporary artist Erin Loree and her painterly dialogue with the Tom Thomson Art Gallery’s Collection. In June of 2019, the Gallery invited Loree into the vault to explore and select paintings, artifacts or drawings that resonated with her for development of a new painting series. Her vault selections gravitate towards notable historic and contemporary landscape masters like Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and Emily Carr, as well as David Milne, Roly Fenwick and Allen Smutylo. Her contemporary responses, oscillating between representational and abstract, challenge the notion of traditional landscape painting and speak to the mystic forces present in nature.Erin Loree’s The Swirl exhibition is supported by Upper Canada Stretchers. A special thanks as well to the Royal Ontario Museum for the loan of butterfly specimens accompanying this exhibition.



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Tom Thomson Art Gallery
Owen Sound ON N4K4K4

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