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TOM Exhibition: Tony Miller: Legacies

Tony Miller: LegaciesOn View: January 10 - March 28, 2020Curated by Heather McLeeseExploring the ties of family, memory and history, Tony Miller’s exhibition Legacies, presents a survey of work highlighting his multidisciplinary artistic practices as a painter and master printmaker. Miller shares a cross-section of linocuts and paintings revealing his personal history, traditions and identity with his African Canadian roots growing up in Owen Sound in the 1950s. His paintings, through colourful layers of acrylics, oils and enamels, shed light on Canada’s colonial past, depicting the hardships experienced by his African ancestors who faced slavery, racism, poverty and injustice. The show paints several important personal legacies for Miller, from his great-great-grandfather to his own parents, telling real stories of remarkable people.



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Tom Thomson Art Gallery
Owen Sound ON N4K4K4

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