Do you provide a service to visitors in Grey County? If so, we want to help you promote your business. We include accomodators, restaurants, shops and service providers, plus organizations that maintain natural assets (ie: trail associations) and/or offer visItor services. You can review our Play, Eat and Stay pages to see if your business fits within the tourism mandate.

Before you begin to create your new business profile, please refer to the criteria below to see if you are considered "visitor friendly".



Today’s travellers expect certain minimum standards when doing business with tourism suppliers. In order for our tourism industry to remain competitive for our domestic and international markets, Grey County is implementing minimum criteria necessary for businesses to be listed on our website. The goal of this program is two-fold. First, it is to provide the Grey County tourism industry with “best practice” standards and advice to maintain a competitive approach in today’s global marketplace. Second, it is to increase consumer confidence when potential visitors are considering Grey County as their getaway of choice.

We have developed the following standards for our industry partners to self-evaluate for participation in our website. The plan is to transition over the next year (2015-16) to these minimum standards becoming a REQUIREMENT for a free listing on our website. If your business meets all these requirements, well done! If not, we ask you to contact us and work with us over the next twelve months to ensure you meet these requirements or to be granted an exclusion based on some extraordinary circumstance.


These criteria are minimum criteria to determine if a tourism supplier is able to offer business-ready products to consumers. This is the basic level required to conduct business. Meeting this standard means the operator/facility qualifies for an operator listing on

• Do you maintain a good standing of all applicable business licenses, insurance and legislative requirements?
• Do you maintain a staffed business location with a set schedule of operating hours?
• Do you comply with local/regional health, safety and sanitation standards?
• Do you provide a contact telephone number or email contact year-round?
• If closed for the season, do you provide an automated response through voicemail and or email?
• Do you accept credit & debit cards? If not, do you clearly post that you accept cash only or that there is a debit machine nearby?
• Do you have branded on-site signage?


Need Help? Email for instructions on how to create a user profile.