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Summer is over. Officially over.

I know it’s the start of many people’s favourite time of year. Some people love sweater weather and can’t stand summer rays beating down. Autumn brings golden sun and autumn colors, I know Dave professes that shorts + hoodie weather is the best ever.

I’m not so convinced.

I grew up like the Coppertone baby, spending summers at the beach and lathering baby oil on my skin to tan before I realized that was the fast track to skin cancer. The solution? Getting out of the city.

I do love when leaves change to autumn colors, giving us an excuse to take a road trip. Last week I drove a few hours north of Toronto to spend a few days in Grey County and wasn’t surprised there was so much to do there in the autumn.

While most Torontonians flock East to Prince Edward County on the weekends, Grey County is just as close and tourism isn’t as slick, which is exactly how I like it. I visit Grey County at least twice a year and each time I find new things to do.

But let’s face it, the best reason to visit a region is the food.

This Grey County day trip from Toronto post was in partnership with Grey County, I love this region so much I feel like an unofficial ambassador and I’m always thrilled to visit. I”m happy to share all of the great things to do here and I hope it inspires you to visit.

Read the article and watch her embedded video here.

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