Made in Grey logo over a table laden with food

Perhaps you've noticed a bright green and white sign at some of your favourite restaurants, stores or farmers' market stalls. Maybe you've wondered what it is all about. Food, yes... but what else?

Made in Grey is more than just food, it’s a community! Made in Grey partners grow, raise, make, sell and serve local products with pride. They offer authentic Grey County experiences and they buy and sell from other local businesses.

How does it work? Made in Grey members are part of a reputation economy. To become partners, they have to prove connectivity to other farms and food businesses in the area. When you see the Made in Grey logo, you have a guarantee that the product was thoughtfully made in Grey County (or very nearby, with Grey County ingredients or partners). The Made in Grey logo often means the food you’re about to enjoy has taken the shortest possible path from the field to your fork. And you bet you can taste it! 

Visit the Made in Grey page to find members, and watch for signs and stickers at your favourite food businesses to help you choose fresh, local foods from Grey. 

Want to join Made in Grey? Download the partner information kit

Food photo credit: Bruce Wine Bar

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