So, you like to travel right? Explore new places, eat different foods, take pictures and share them with your Instagram friends? We all travel to experience something different than we get in our daily lives at home, it’s in our DNA. To people from away (mostly the GTA), they view our beautiful Grey County home as an incredible destination to visit. It’s where they can be in nature, close to Georgian Bay or meander in that small rural town that gives them the exact opposite feeling of being at home. They love it here. Why wouldn’t they? It’s the reason we all live here right?

There is no question, that with the influx of people to our ‘home’ each season, we can get a bit testy. It sometimes means longer line ups in the grocery store, at the gas pump, and your favourite coffee shop. It sometimes means new people on ‘your’ trail or at ‘your’ waterfall. Who are these people you ask yourself?

Well these people are exactly the same as you. They are appreciating the same things you do on a daily basis. They are drawn to the same landscapes, scenery, smells, and tastes as you. Remember how you like to be treated when on vacation?

Instead of getting frustrated because you have to wait a few extra minutes, or share your trail, we challenge you to become part of the attraction of Grey County. Make someone’s visit even more memorable by being part of it. Stop and say hi; ask where they are from; tell them how happy you are that they are here and maybe…just maybe… share one of your favourite things about Grey County.

Five women walking in a vineyard

We challenge you to take the Grey County Tourist Challenge this year. Why? Because Tourism Matters in Grey County.

  1. Stop and chat with at least 10 tourists this summer.
  2. Take a selfie with a tourist and post it to your Instagram and Facebook page and tag them and #TourismMattersInGrey.
  3. Buy a tourist a coffee or an ice cream.
  4. Give a tourist an official Grey County Map and mark on some of your favourite spots.
  5. Offer to show a tourist something they didn’t know about the area.
  6. Hug a tourist (if permission is given).
  7. Take a deep breath when you are inconvenienced and remember you love being a tourist too.
  8. Hit up your favourite local spots mid-week, and leave the weekends to our guests.

Tourism Matters Infographic

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