Must-see Bruce Trail Hikes

Published Date: January 16, 2015


The Bruce Trail
The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest footpath, stretching from Queenston in the Niagara Region to Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula . Following the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, The Bruce Trail provides public access to this special area, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and one of only twelve such reserves in all of Canada. The Bruce Trail Conservancy is a charitable organization committed to establishing a conservation corridor containing a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment, in order to protect its natural ecosystems and to promote environmentally responsible public access to this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.
Over 250 kms of the Bruce Trail, more than 1/3 its total length, follow the Niagara Escarpment through Grey County. Three member clubs maintain this incredible trail in Grey County, and are passionate volunteers. Join them for an introductory hike or consider becoming a member to support the continued protection of the Bruce Trail.

Blue Mountains Section (Lavender to Craigleith)
59.1 km passes through an area of high bluffs, and deep, wide valleys.  You may catch a glimpse of the Britton Bath Osler Estate, a.k.a: "the castle".  Built in 1885 this 15 room retreat, on private land, fell into disrepair after the owner's death in 1901.  Between Grey Road 19 and Grey Road 31 is the highest point on the Bruce Trail.  "High Point", which is what this spot is called in the Bruce Trail Guide, is 540 m above sea level.

Suggested Hikes:
Nottawasaga Bluffs Loop (4 km)
Singhampton Caves (3.5 km)
The North Rim of the Pretty River Valley (4.8 km)
The Pretty River Side Trail (5.1 km)

Beaver Valley Section (Craigleith to Blantyre)
This 79 km section of the trail offers fine views and mazes of rocky crevasses.  Every step you take offers beautiful scenery.  To get started, follow the Bruce Trail east across a stream and up through a huge fissure to the summit of Metcalfe's Rock where there is a splendid view of the Kolapore Creek Valley.  During the winter months, there is one stretch of this section suitable for cross country skiing.

Suggested Hikes:
Loree Forest Loop (7.1 km)
Margaret Paull Side Loop (3.4 km)
Metcalfe's Rock (2.4 km)
Siegerman Side Trail Loop (3.1 km)
Falling Water Trail (30km total but several shorter loops to choose from)

Sydenham Section (Blantyre to Wiarton)
Running from Blantyre to Wiarton, about 100 km of the trail passes through aspen and birch woods, offering glimpses of creatures ranging from turkey vultures to salamanders, and several spots where wildflowers carpet the trailside. Some other highlights of this portion of the trail include Bruce's Caves and Skinner's Bluff.

Suggested Hikes:
Frank Holley Side Trail
Ron Savage Loop (4.6km)
Bayview Extension Trail
Chris Walker Side Trail (1.9km)
Kemble Mountain Loop (2.9 km)
Ross McLean Loop (3 km)
Walter's Falls Loop (4.5 km)

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