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Rediscover Responsibly

Published Date: June 11, 2021

This summer, we want to help you Rediscover Grey County Responsibly!

Now that we're starting to explore more than just our own backyards, we know it's going to be busy. Some places you plan to visit may still have reduced capacity, wait times, full parking lots, or be crowded. We want to make sure you have the best and safest experience possible in Grey County, so we’ve put together some handy tips to help you Rediscover Responsibly.

If you're planning to use the trails in our area, be sure to follow our Trail Etiquette.

Plan ahead with our Outdoor Activity Map, to find out which outdoor locations are open, including patios! 

  • Be prepared.

Before you head out, check all appropriate websites and social media. Call businesses and locations ahead of time, as they may be closed or offering reduced services or hours. Book any reservations well in advance.

  • Do not trespass.

Please respect public and private landowners. It’s a privilege to explore the area and trails. Ensure you obey all signs and boundaries, and follow proper trail etiquette.

  • Respect nature, agriculture, & wildlife.

Avoid disturbing the natural habitat, farmland or crops, and refrain from feeding any wildlife you encounter. Do not approach or touch farm animals.

  • Protect our environment.

Do not litter. Always clean up after yourselves. Pack out what you bring in, including food packaging, scraps and pet waste.

  • Photography Safety: “Don't do it for the ‘gram.”

Your safety is more important than any picture you could take. Photography near dangerous locations such as cliff edges, moving water, crevices/caves, busy roads/roadways or on private property such as farmland could result in serious injuries or accidents. Don’t let the shot be the most important thing when rediscovering Grey. 

  • Observe COVID-19 protocols.

Be aware of and obey all applicable federal, provincial and local emergency orders and by-laws.


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