Road Cycling 101

Published Date: November 25, 2014

Congratulations, you’ve discovered one of the best places in the world to be a cyclist.  With well-maintained, quiet roads and amazing scenery from Beaver Valley vistas to pristine farmland and rolling hills, Grey County is truly a cycling destination.

On-Road Cycling

Home to the prestigious Centurion cycling event, Grey County is a popular training ground for cyclists. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, local communities are ready to welcome you. As part of Ontario By Bike, Grey County many establishments strive to be cycling- friendly. While area motorists are accustomed to frequent bicycle traffic, it’s crucial that cyclists do their part to share the road. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic act, cyclists share the same rights and responsibilities as motorists and must follow the same rules of the road. Cyclists should be predictable, use hand signals, wear visible clothing and be courteous when riding in groups. In return, motorists are asked to respect bicyclists as legal road users, driving courteously and with tolerance.

Before hitting the road

Grey County offers a comprehensive cycling map of the area, outlining routes of varying distances and difficulties in the region. Click here to order your map. Suggested routes combine great scenery, quiet roads, access to services and feature starting points with good parking, washrooms and available drinking water.  Remember to carry identification, a cell phone, emergency cash and repair and emergency supplies. Wear highly visible clothing and a properly- fitting helmet. Remember, your bike works best when it’s well-maintained. Don't forget to check the Grey County Summer Road Construction/Closure schedule when planning your tour.

Discover More Trip Ideas

Weavers Creek in winter
Grey County’s waterfall tour draws many visitors to the region in the spring and summer months, but winter is a unique and amazing time to visit some of the waterfalls that are accessible during the snowy months.


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