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This series of blogs, itinerary ideas and even some local insights to Grey County will be helpful in planning your visit.  There may be hidden gems you didn't know about, and new experiences that you won't want to miss.

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Moto Harvest Tour

When it comes to a day spent behind the bars of my motorcycle, Ontario's Grey County with its curvy roads,
rolling landscape, and water edge cruising is often top of the list.

Rainy Day in Grey

This region is beautiful in fall, no question. But on some days, Grey County can be a little too grey. So what to do on a rainy day in Grey? Consider this your insider’s guide to defeat the rainy day blues.

Fall in Blue Mountain Village

The leaves are falling and the patio days are limited, but these transitional weeks are some of the best to enjoy crisp walks and tasty treats. On days and nights when you might feel like a quick road-trip, it feels fun and easy to hop in the car and visit some close - but “out of town” - gems in Blue Mountain Village and the surrounding areas.

Boon Bakery

Did someone say snacks or was it just me? Stef (Lokal Digs) here with another round up of must-eats in Grey County. Big scoops, thick sandwiches, saucy pitas and craft bevvies – find it all here in the region.

Market on Marsh in Clarksburg

Clarksburg, after many years, still possesses small-town magic and a candid personality but now offers more shops, more art and more small businesses to keep you hangin’ around.

Harbour Nights at Marine and Rail Museum

Culture and art are key pillars of identity and a strong sense of self. The two are intertwined and have a profound impact on one another. Art can’t exist without culture to inform it, and culture can’t develop without an artistic flair to call its own.

Camp Oliver Wetland Lookout

We want you to get outside and enjoy all the natural beauty that Grey County has to offer. We also know that our popular natural areas can be busy and sometimes even overcrowded.

Beaver River

This gentle river flows 40 kilometres from Kimberley to Heathcote and was a key transportation route in the 19th century. Home to the great blue heron, the great horned owl, white tailed deer and its namesake – the beaver, this is a great route for beginner paddlers.


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