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Hannah Davies
Nine year old youth explorer
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There are 2 reasons why I love it: because it’s beautiful and because the people are so friendly.

Hi! My name is Hannah Davies. I am 9 years old and I live in Meaford. I have lived in Grey County my whole life and I love Grey County. There are 2 reasons why I love it: because it’s beautiful and because the people are so friendly.  

Hannah kayaking on Georgian Bay near Northwinds Beach
My favourite spot to go kayaking on Georgain Bay is near Northwinds Beach.
Here are my five favourite things to do in Grey County:

1. I love biking

Hannah biking with friends and family
My family and friends like to go for bike rides together in Clarksburg. This is where we took a snack and water break along the Beaver River. 

2. I love hiking and snowshoeing

Hiking with my Mom
My mom and I love to hike together. This was at the Loree Forest
I think it is really pretty when we snowshoe on the Trout Hollow Trail at night. 

3. I love skiing and snowboarding

Hannah's ski race at Blue Mountian
I raced Jozo Weider at Blue Mountain Resort. This year, I will ski at the Beaver Valley Ski Club.

4. I love swimming in the waterfalls

My friend and I think it is a lot of fun to swim at McGowan Falls.

5. Finally, I love spending time with my family and friends in beautiful Grey County. 

Canoe ride with Mom and Dad along Beaver River
I like canoeing with my mom and dad on the Beaver River.

I love living in Grey County because I can do everything I love. I also want to share a few more photos of my adventures. 

Hannah fishing with her dad
My dad taught me how to fish on McCullough Lake. 
Airplane crash at Silent Valley Nature Reserve
On the Bruce Trail, I found an airplane crash at Silent Valley Nature Reserve.
Apple picking at Farmer's Pantry
My family picks a lot of apples at Farmer's Pantry
Inglis Falls looks awesome in the winter. 

Grey County is a great place to live because people care about each other, no matter what country they are from. No matter where you come from you will be welcome in Grey County.

Thanks for your time,

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