Grey County from Above - A Whole New Perspective

Jordan De Jong
Aerial photographer & lover of the outdoors.
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From the Beaver Valley to the rocky shores of Georgian Bay, drones allow you to appreciate the beauty of these already treasured places on a whole new level.

For the past 18 years, I’ve had the privilege of living in Grey County. My family moved into a place south of Durham in 2000, and I’ve made the most of living here ever since. The range of natural beauty offered by Grey County has been perfect for me as an avid adventurer of the outdoors. Whether it was hiking, biking, fishing, paddling, skiing, or taking photos – there was always something to do all year round.

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As I started university I began to develop a passionate interest in photography. I started taking my camera with me every time I went on a hike or for a paddle, or even when I was driving somewhere in case I came across a picturesque backroad, sunset, or deer in the field. My love for photography had me always looking for new things to shoot and new ways to shoot them, and that’s when I was first introduced to drone photography. 

Wilder Lake

Wilder Lake - As I grew up just down the road from Wilder Lake, I spent many hot days of summer there swimming, paddling, and fishing. But when I first went there with my drone I was amazed at the patterns underneath the water from the algae and stone. 

As soon as I saw aerial photos from drones burst onto the scene I was hooked. I fell in love with the ability to capture new perspectives made possible by drones, and were now so easily obtainable to amateur photographers like myself. I knew that the landscapes of Grey County would be a perfect subject for the capabilities of a drone, so I took most of my savings as a poor university student, ordered a drone online, and never looked back. 

Farmers fields

Grey County Agriculture - With agriculture being such an integral component of life in Grey County, I’ve had many opportunities to see great new perspectives of farming in our area.  Straw bales, hay being cut, contrasting coloured fields – It all looks incredible from the sky. 

Every time I fly somewhere new, I’m always instantly blown away at the view coming through my controller, as I see another waterfall, forest canopy, or stretch of Georgian Bay fill my screen. There is a certain novelty in aerial shots, as these newly seen angles always seem to produce visually stunning shots whenever and wherever I get my drone up in the air.

Grey County Fall Landscape

Fall in Grey County - Fall has always been one of my favorite times of the year. You can truly appreciate the wide range of colours scattered amongst the trees with shots from high up in the air. 

With the range of natural features in our area, from the Beaver Valley, to the rocky shores of Georgian Bay, drones allow you to appreciate the beauty of these already treasured places on a whole new level. Everything looks amazing from the skies of Grey County.

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