Lynne Knowlton
Designer & Owner of Treehouse + Cabin Retreat

We moved to Grey County 17 years ago. Our four children were young, and we wanted to find a home where they could play safely, climb trees, run through the fields and feel GOOD about home. We wanted a home in the country…nothing bustling, no nightclubs, no noise, no city lights, and best of all.. a place where relaxing is a way of life.

Sunrise in field

In our search for a home, we wanted a home within 2 hrs of Toronto, and not a whole heck of a lot of traffic. We wanted clean air, nature, wide open spaces and a slower pace of life.

Grey County fit like a glove, on all levels.

Grey County, a place we call home.

We felt drawn to Grey County because we could have the best of both worlds. With living the country life but having towns and cities within reach. So many people ask how we shop. Hellooooo Amazon prime for the basics. But the real deal comes from our local stores… organic produce, ahhhmazing local Saugeen yogurt, beautifully tasty honey, delish cheese, farm fresh eggs, and maple syrup. You can even shop organic online at EAT LOCAL. They have weekly delivery, right to your door. So yum. It’s all here in Grey.

What area activities did you love doing with your children when they were growing up? 

Winter activities meant skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Summer activities meant days by the pool, swimming in the pond, rafting down the river, making treeforts, riding horses, lounging with the dogs and cats, and playing in the fields and barn.

What is it about Grey County and the Durham area that you love so much?

We absolutely love the peace and serenity. It feels so good to look out the windows and see trees, fields, birds and grass. We love the quiet. We love the smell of the fresh clean air. We love how it feels. Our house feels like HOME.

Where are your fave places to eat in Grey County?

1. Our faves… Casero Kitchen in Owen Sound is a definite fave! Such delish Mexican food. We love their nachos and cocktails. They also make a mean Manhattan.

2. The Flying Chestnut. It’s a hidden gem. It’s a tiny spot, tucked away… with theeeeee most delicious dinner evahhhh.

3. Justin's Oven. The restaurant may be small, but don’t let that deceive you. We love absolutely everything we have ever had on their menu. So good. So so so good.

What enticed you to move here and make this your home and increase your connection to this place?

At first, we moved here because we needed a home within 2 hrs of Toronto Pearson airport, as Michael's job required a lot of travel. We wanted the country life but with proximity to the city. We wanted a home with a long driveway, privacy, land, and a lot of space. Spaces to relax in, work in and live in. Over the years, our connection to Grey has grown through friendships, and with our small business as well. Our Treehouse + Cabin Retreat vacation rental connects us, as we buy local goods for the business, hire local, and guests get to experience part of Grey County through our property.

Treehouse Cabin Retreat

We have connected with so many people because of the Treehouse + Cabin Retreat. It is great to meet people who come to stay in the Treehouse + Cabin and just love the tranquility of it all. Truthfully, many guests didn’t know that Grey County existed. After staying here, they return time and time again … feeling inspired and regenerated by soaking up all that mother nature has to offer.

Why did you decide to open your Treehouse + Cabin Retreat up to the public and share with others?

Ten years ago, we built a treehouse for the kids to enjoy. What we discovered was that we LOVED the Treehouse even as adults. It became our home away from home // cottage on our own property.

Adventure in style

A few years ago, we decided to share the experience with others and offer the Treehouse + Cabin as a summer vacation rental via my blog and AirBnB.

Guests retreat and unplug from their busy city lives. It’s a perfect getaway … even for those who aren’t exactly outdoorsy.

With a pool, 100 acres and walking trails…it’s a 5 billion star glamping getaway.

Inside Cabin

Lynne Knowlton


Photography by Lauren Miller // Toronto

Treehouse + Cabin Vacation Rental // May -Oct 2020

Article by Lynne Knowlton // Design The Life You Want To Live ®

BIO : Small spaces are designer Lynne Knowlton’s speciality whether it’s an, airstream camper, cabin or treehouse. Heavily inspired by travel, her zest for life will transport you to a light and bright sanctuary through her heavenly reclaimed modern style. Home decor, design and white bright spaces are her speciality! Featured in HGTV, House & Home, Style at Home & Dwell, to name a few. Lynne’s Treehouse + Cabin Retreat vacation rental is ranked as one of the top treehouses in the world.

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